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Important Info

Dear Wedding Planner,


We are so excited to work with you! Here is everything you need to know about working with us. Please review each section carefully and reach out if you have any questions. 

Musically yours,


Song Selections

How to choose your music

Depending on your couple's package, I will send the couple a questionnaire to gather their wedding day information and song selections at the 2- or 3-month mark. Once they've completed that questionnaire, they'll be invited to schedule their official planning call. 

Ceremony Information

What we need to make sure your wedding is perfect

During my planning call with the couple, I gather their wedding day information, including the processional order and how many people are walking in each processional. We are literally counting the number of people walking down based on this information, but we will double-check with you on the wedding day in case something has changed at the rehearsal. 

We carefully plan and time your music according to the information that the couple has provided. If the processional changes and we don't know, it spells disaster! When the bride writes that the 4-year old flower girl is walking last, we will stop the music when she gets to the top of the aisle. If she walks in the middle of the processional, we will stop the music too early and there will be an awkward silence before we realize what has happened! 

If you need to make a change:

- 1+ week prior: Please email Ariana at

- Under a week: Please call Ariana and also print out the details, making sure we receive it when we arrive. 

Setup Requirements


Each ensemble brings a TON of equipment for a wedding day. To avoid our cases, personal belongings, and backup equipment making an unwelcome appearance in photos, please arrange to have a separate storage area to be ready for us upon our arrival. Many venues have space for this, but they need to know in advance. We do not leave equipment in our cars or outside. It is unsafe to do so. 


Please remember that we need to have a clear view of the aisle and the person cueing the ensemble. Please remember that we are seated when we perform. Any visual obstructions will hinder our ability to time the music well.


We read off of iPads (usually), so we may need to change the angle of our ensemble depending on the lighting (if there's a glare on the screen).


For safety reasons, please keep us away from walkways, thorough-fares, the bar, anywhere that guests will congregate, making sure to leave plenty of space. A guest who innocently tries to sneak in between us and another guest can knock into our instruments and cause irreparable damage. A stage is always recommended. 


We arrive approximately 1 hour prior to the ceremony. 


Please review our weather policy (below), as this has information about tents, shade, and back-up performance areas.

Here are the requirements for each ensemble and service offering. Please make sure these items are ready upon our arrival (up to 2 hours prior to the ceremony), to avoid any delays. When we arrive, we have a lot to set up, so having in place makes all the difference! 

String quartet

Minimum Space requirements 8' x 8'

Number of armless, straight-backed chairs: 4

Electricity requirements: None

String quartet + Singer

Minimum Space requirements 8' x 12'

Number of armless, straight-backed chairs: 5

Electricity requirements: 1 power outlet, for backup 

String trio

Minimum Space requirements  8' x 6'

Number of armless, straight-backed chairs: 3

Electricity requirements: None

Acoustic duet (violin duet, violin/cello duet, violin/viola duet)

Minimum Space requirements  6' x 4'

Number of armless, straight-backed chairs: 2

Electricity requirements: None

Violin & Guitar Duet

Minimum Space requirements  8' x 6'

Number of armless, straight-backed chairs: 2

Electricity requirements: 1 power outlet, for backup 

Ceremony Sound

*This service requires a flat, solid, and dry surface for the microphone(s), microphone stand(s), cords, and speaker system. If the ground is wet, slippery, or muddy, we cannot safely provide this service. 

Electricity requirements: 1 power outlet, for backup. If the back-up power source is far away, please write to Ariana and indicate the extension cord length that we will need OR provide an extension cord for us. 

What we need to make sure your wedding is perfect


This is how we make it look easy! 

Our coordinator, Madison or Billy, will work with you to cue the musicians or lead the processionals completely. This ensures we can time the music exactly as per our couples' instructions. 

If our coordinator is unavailable and you are cueing us, please come collaborate with us when we arrive.


We will perform continuous prelude music even if a ceremony is running late. If it's running more than 10 minutes behind, please update our coordinator, so we can plan accordingly. We'll try to pick songs that fit within the timeframe, so it's all seamless. 

Please do not just start sending people down the aisle without cueing us! We will not be ready, it will sound and look bad, and be awkward all-around. Your patience and assistance is KEY for making sure our couple has a wonderful ceremony. Thank you! 


Beautiful music, no matter the forecast. 

We want your client to receive the highest quality performance from our classically-trained professional musicians. Stringed instruments are very fragile and susceptible to irreparable damage from temperature fluctuations, humidity changes, and precipitation. If your event is held in conditions that are unsafe for the instruments, the ensemble will not be able to perform. For the protection of the players' livelihoods, we are unable to make exceptions to this policy. 


The ensemble is unable to perform in temperatures under 60 degrees or above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. If conditions are such that the players determine that it is dangerous to take out their instruments, the ensemble will not perform until such conditions are remedied. In this event, the contracted start and end times remain in effect. 

If you plan to have an outdoor event and we are unable to be outside with you, we can provide amplification and perform from an indoor location. This will keep our instruments safe and still provide your music. It is an additional cost and subject to availability, so please inquire with Ariana at least 72 hours prior to your wedding to add on this option. 

For outdoor performances, it is the responsibility of the couple to provide the ensemble’s protection from the elements and inclement weather as follows:

In case of rain, a tent or umbrella large enough to cover the ensemble must be provided to protect each member of the ensemble. If the protection provided is not adequate, the ensemble will not perform. 

If the temperature is over 70 degrees Fahrenheit, significant natural shade or a tent which covers the entire ensemble and their instruments must be provided. 

If the temperature is over 90 degrees Fahrenheit and the heat and/or humidity is affecting the instruments, the ensemble must be moved indoors to a temperature-controlled location in order to perform. 

If the temperature is below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, the ensemble must be moved indoors to a temperature-controlled location in order to perform. 

If the couple opts for an outdoor event without providing protection from the elements,  the ensemble will not be able to perform. There are no refunds in this case. Please see our amplification options (bolded above) to see how we can help accommodate you. 


We'll bend over backwards

Sometimes, couples need to change the time of their event or even the location. Please remember that we are not a full-day vendor (like photographers, for example) and so we perform for multiple weddings per day. We need to leave plenty of time for travel (and traffic) and to be fair to all our couples. If your plans need to change, please contact Ariana immediately so we can do our best to accommodate. We do our best to help, but please note that only the event details listed on your contract are officially covered.  

Food & Drink

Don't mind if I do!

We would love it if you could provide water for us, especially if it's a hot summer day. 

Often, caterers and venue coordinators will invite us to have a bite (after the guests have left the cocktail hour). We will not eat during our performance, but will keep water on hand.


We don't need a vendor meal for ceremony & cocktail hour bookings. For longer bookings (like ceremony through dinner), vendor meals are in our contract. 

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